Why choose ECOUNT ERP?

Comparison with other ERPs
ECOUNT ERP is the perfect online ERP solution for small and midsized businesses. Many ERP solutions available today are costly, time-consuming, require resources (both financial and human), and require months to implement and deploy. However, ECOUNT ERP is designed specifically with the small and midsized business in mind. ECOUNT is a standardized, clould-based ERP option that only takes 1 day to implement. The time required to set-up and get accustomed to the program is signifcantly less than other options available. Take a look at the cost-analysis we've put together on the various ERP solutions available to small and medium-sized businesses.
ERP Provider
Features ECOUNT SaaS Providers
On-Premise ERP
Support Free $200+/month 20% of License
User Training Free Fee-based Fee-based
Cost (Small/Midsized Business) RM200/month
$16,000 avg./year
$40,000 avg./year
$20,000 avg./year
$50,000 avg./year
User Licenses Unlimited Pay per user Pay per user
Free Upgrades Yes No No
IT Department Required No No Yes
Implementation Time One day 3-6 months 6-12 months
User Adoption High Medium Risky
OOP Server Costs RM0 $0 $1000/ year
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