AR/AP Transaction Management
In industries with long contract periods, such as construction orders, program construction, or large transaction amounts per case
It's just as important to keep track of each transaction as much as overall cash management.
  • You can manage AR/AP by transaction.
  • You can analyze the transaction history entered in various reports.
    Main Features
    • AR/AP Management
      • You can select how to manage the details of receivables and payables.
      • If you set management by invoice, you can set a number and expiration date when you enter the details of the sales/purchase.
      • The collection and payment can be processed for each assigned control number
    • Transaction history analysis
      • Through the AR/AP Aging Details, you can check the progress of each case at a glance.
      • It can be used as a criterion for evaluating the persistence and creditworthiness of each customer.
    AR/AP Transaction Management