Contract Management
Consecutive billing transactions, such as usage fees and rentals, can be collectively invoiced by using the Contract Mgmt. function.
  • You can create your own contract transaction types.
  • If you have a long-term contract, you can register in advance and request it periodically.
  • Multiple contracts can be invoiced at once.
    Main Features
    • Contract Management Optimization
      • You can register contract items based on price, billing frequency, or type.
        (E.g. subscription fee, usage fee, down payment, etc.)
      • When a contract occurs, you can set the items that can be entered
    • Regular Billing Registration
      • If you enter only the due date and the end date of billing, the amount and billing date will be set automatically when you register the contract item.
      • Unit price and quantity can be changed collectively even if the terms of the established contract are changed
    • Bulk Invoicing Feature
      • The invoicing month and date can be collectively invoiced for a large number of contracts.
      • The Pre-invoicing Status allows you to check the contract items that are under billing, and bill immediately.
    Contract Management