Cost/Expense Control

Costs must be clear from their onset so that all management
processes from endorsement to usage can be transparent.


Only transactions approved by an approval authority will apply to the accounting books.
  • Implement the accounting work flow in Ecount ERP without needing a separate system.
  • Grant approval authority per user and control whether a transaction is reflected onto accounting.
  • Optional approval authority procedure available for transaction and expense reporting.
You can manage budgets by department or projects.
  • You can set budget limits by department, project, and account.
  • When the limit is exceeded, the notification feature allows you to check and control the creation of the transaction.
With Groupware, you can work more efficiently.
  • You can add ERP transactions to Groupware's electronic approval system.
  • As you're settling matters via Groupware, ERP transactions can be reflected onto the accounting records.
  • If you use both electronic approval and accounting confirmation options, you can establish a dual confirmation system between approval departments.