Easy Entry

Accounting programs don't need to be very complicated.
Access to an easy-to-use tool that will create advanced entries.


With Ecount ERP, even beginners can do double-entry bookkeeping.
  • Easy input methods for beginners and experts.
  • With your basic accounting information entered, Ecount ERP can generate an advanced journal entry automatically.
Stop managing separate books.
  • All data can be automatically reflected onto the relevant ledger.
  • No need to create reports since we offer a variety of preset options.
  • Use the software to increase your efficiency since it'll take less time to produce your desired report.
It's easy to link data.
  • Link your inventory transactions such as sales, purchasing, and more with your accounting journals.
  • Prevent omission of accounting data so that you can keep better track of your pricing.
  • In Ecount ERP, the work of each of your departments is linked in order to increase work efficiency.