Fixed Assets Management
Ecount's Fixed Assets feature allows the program to calculate depreciation
so that you can see related outputs at a glance such as Asset Book, and reflect the results of the calculations in the accounting data immediately.
  • You can classify and manage your assets as needed.
  • Depreciation can be calculated automatically to reflect the nature of the asset.
    Main Features
    • Fixed Asset Management
      • Enter the depreciation method, useful life, scrap value, etc., and manage them by type.
      • As the asset status changes, it can be treated as an increase, disposal by sales, or disposal. It is possible to manage the history of increase and decrease of quantity and amount by asset.
    • Depreciation Calculation
      • Just enter the basic information for each asset and you can automatically calculate your depreciation.
      • The calculated depreciation amount can be immediately reflected in the accounting settlement data.
      • The acquisition history and depreciation calculations prior to the introduction of ECOUNT ERP can be reflected.
    Fixed Assets Management