Import Management
Due to the nature of the transaction, the import work takes a long time, from contract to delivery, resulting in various interests and associated costs.
So import management is easiest to manage by case.
  • The entire process of importing can be handled by ECOUNT.
  • Importing incident costs can be reflected in cost.
    Main Features
    • Import Process Management
      • The ERP menu is structured in the same way as import practice, from receipt of invoices to payment of customs fees, customs clearance, and account transfer.
      • It is possible to integrate and manage as a single import case even if you input from the individual menu through the number assigned to each import case.
      • In addition to the basic cost items such as customs fees, freight charges, and unloading costs, you can register your own import cost items
    • Reflecting incidental costs
      • When entering the purchase data, you can reflect various incidental costs incurred during the import process.
      • You can check the cost including import incidental costs in the purchase cost status report.
      • Costs including import incidental costs can be confirmed from financial statements such as income statement.
    Import Management