Different tax codes can be managed according to Malaysian SST rate for each transaction and items.
Tax amount and payable amount can be checked at a glance in various reports.
  • Tax codes and SST rates can be customized and set to be in the program by default.
  • SST amount can be checked in various sales, purchases and accounting related reports.
    • Can I create different percentage rates for SST?
      Yes, you can set different SST rates easily in our system and in addition, create more than one SST rate.
    • Can I create different SST item tax code?
      Yes, besides the tax rate, you can register multiple tax codes in our system as well.
    • In Malaysia, different tax rate applies to different items. Can I set the SST rate based on each item?
      Yes, you can easily set SST rate for every single item.
    • Can ECOUNT show the tax amount in printout invoices?
      Yes, by default the tax amount will be shown in the invoice, you can freely design your invoice template too.
    • Can I generate sales / purchases details with SST amount in reports?
      Yes, you can view the SST amount in our Sales / Purchases reports.
    • Is it possible to check the total amount of SST at the end of every month?
      Of course, you can view the total SST amount of particular period in our Sales / Purchases reports.
    • Can I check the purchase tax and sales tax at once? I would like to know the tax refund amount.
      Yes. You can easily check the tax in the purchase/sales book, so you can easily calculate the tax refund.
    • Can I allocate SST amount to Tax Payable Account?
      Yes, you can preset the tax account so that SST amount accumulates into one account.
    • How can I check my tax payable amount?
      You can check the tax payable amount easily in our Ledger Reports.
    • Is is possible to compare this year's tax payable amount with previous year's?
      We have a comparison function in our financial reports, thus you can easily compare tax payable figure between two different periods.
    • Can ECOUNT generate SST compliance reports?
      Although our system does not offer SST compliance reports, you will be able to generate related financial reports and retrieve figures for you to report easily.
    Main Features
    • Registering tax rate
      • The functionality in user-customization enables you to register different type of tax rate whenever you need it.
      • Not only different SST rate, you can also set the SST rate based on location, item, customer/vendor.
    • Automatic tax rate adjustment to transaction
      • It enables allocating any SST type for each transaction.
      • Tax type will automatically adjust the SST rate based on the tax setting.
    • Various types of reports of Sales/Purchases
      • Printing [Tax Invoice] including SST amount.
      • Searching Sales / Purchase data based on SST type.
      • Exporting to Excel file for all the reports that you need → Collecting evidence easily.