Audit Trail

When multiple people are involved in a business,
it's important to know the history of your data and track its origin. With ECOUNT ERP,
you can quickly find the user and timestamp of any data entered, modified, or deleted.


It's easy to trace the origin of the data.
  • Trace relevant data origins directly from the same screen or report.
  • All data is linked from origin to report output. It's possible to access the origin and modify the data without leaving the screen.
  • You can see which user entered and modified or deleted data via access log.
You can easily identify the entering, modifying, and deleting of data.
  • Easily view the history of the users accessing the data.
  • See the creation date, author, modification and/or deletion date per transaction.
  • Restore options available for restoring data that was wrongfully deleted.
You can control the modification and deletion of management data that has been finalized.
  • You can set restrictions to block users from entering, modifying, or deleting data before a certain date.
  • While data cannot be affected, you can continue to access and view data prior to the restricted date.
  • Easily apply the restriction to important documents such as financial statements and records.