Data Tracking
Our ERP is used by a large number of users, that calls for account history to be properly managed.
Check data history and see what users have adjusted data creating better data control.
  • Track data with our hyperlinks when generating inventory and accounting status reports .
  • Identify changes such as entering, modifying, or deleting data.
  • You can control the deletion and correction of data.
    • Can I recover deleted data again?
      Possible. The function to view the history of a voucher separately in inventory and accounting is provided, so you can view deleted vouchers or recover them immediately. Even the history that you canceled remains in History, so you can manage the data carefully.
    • Is there a way for a specific user to assign someone as their person in charge and find the transaction details at the time of creation?
      From the history menu, you can assign the final modifier to the ID of a specific employee, assign the PIC to another employee, and find out exactly when they are displayed.
    • How long can the data be stored in ECOUNT?
      ECOUNT does not limit the data retention period. Past data after the establishment date can be read at any time.
    • Is there a deadline feature?
      The deadline is a basic function, so it is provided of course. There is a function that can restrict the editing based on a certain date, so that the date data can be set and new data can not be entered/modified/deleted. Of course, you can temporarily modify the restriction date and enter the data, or you can automatically change the restricted period date at specific time points.
    • I heard from other businesses that they had problems with their inventory when they were trying to adjust it. Is it true?
      In ECOUNT after the inventory adjustment, if you enter the past inventory in/out data, you may occasionally run across the mentioned situation. However, since the function of re-reflecting to that point according to the inventory survey history is provided, the case can be solved with a simple consultation with our staff. Before adjusting inventory, learn the method from the educator or the agent in ECOUNT, and you can proceed with the inventory adjustment work easily and prevent the risk you mentioned.
    • I am afraid that the salesperson will download the client data that we have and leak it elsewhere. Is there a way?
      There is a way to block that risk. The first is security settings. It is a way to make ECOUNT accessible only to company IPs or IPs at home of important practitioners and not to access with other IPs. The second method is to give Excel conversion permission separately for each ID. If you want to receive a large amount of data from outside, you need to convert it into Excel. You can assign Excel conversion permission to each ID separately.
    • We usually enter or modify datas in the past. Is it possible to check the latest modified data in order?
      Of course it is possible. Inventory/accounting, etc. all data can be sorted by modification date.
    • Is there a risk that the data stored in ECOUNT will be altered or manipulated?
      Unless you modify it, it will never happen.
    • Can we know if someone modifies a specific voucher, customer, or a unit price?
      You can see the modification history (ID, modification time) of the voucher, but you cannot know which item was modified.
    • Can I check the statement history?
      All the documents in ECOUNT can be seen by the ID and time of creation. In addition to entering, you can easily check the changes to the voucher by editing the document and viewing the history of the deletion.
    • Can I edit or delete reports while viewing them?
      In reports, hyperlinks make it easy to link to the first input voucher, so you can edit it immediately. Your edits will be immediately reflected in your reports.
    • Can I check on one screen without moving the menu?
      Outputs and input vouchers are hyperlinked so that you can see them all on one screen.
    • If I accidentally delete a voucher, do I have to re-create it?
      [Restore] function is supported. If you accidentally delete the voucher, you can restore it by clicking the [Restore] button.
    • When I close the month, can I set it so that it cannot be edited?
      Yes. You can control the data entered in the ERP so that it cannot be modified after a certain date. Restricted date is possible to view previous data, but it cannot be modified or deleted.
    • Is it possible to collectively recover deleted data from the data management menu?
      Data deleted from the Data Management menu cannot be collectively recovered, but the deleted ID and deletion time can be checked.
    Main Features
    • Tracking Data
      • You can access the input/edit screen by clicking the linked hyperlink without moving the menu in the query screen and reports.
      • It is linked step by step from the final report to the first input slip, and it is possible to modify and delete the first slip.
      • When an error is detected in the report, you can see who has entered the slip and when it was entered in the first backtracked document.
    • Identify changes in materials
      • You can view the history of all data entered, modified, and deleted from accounting and inventory.
      • You can see the slip creation date, creator ID, modification and deletion date, and worker ID for each slip.
      • Supports the Restore function to easily restore accidentally deleted slips
    • Control the modification of completed management resource
      • You can set the Ending Date of Restricted Period(EDRP) so that the data entered in the ERP can not be edited or deleted based on a certain date or specific time point.
      • You can view the data before the limit date but you can not input, modify or delete it.
      • It is easy to use when the settlement of accounts, declaration, etc. have been completed and it is no longer necessary to modify or delete the data.
    Data Tracking