Robust, All-Inclusive Features

ERP requirements can be as diverse as each company itself
Access to a globally standardized solution that can fit your needs.


We offer all of the tools your business neeeds.
  • We have everything you'll need for managing manufacturing, distribution, services, non-profit work, and more.
  • Easily configure and optimize the features you need.
  • Set the transaction types, input types, and desired outputs of your company.
  • Use the software immediately without any start-up costs or implementation fees.
Even 10 years from now, Ecount will continue to be your best companion.
  • Users can request new features and receive feedback on the progress of the development of said features after our weekly meetings.
  • Free upgrades are rolled out every week to respond rapidly to changing business management environments.
  • Updates are released to help with various law and ordinance changes such as tax law changes so that we can help you manage your business with ease.