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ECOUNT provides many functions to help optimize and improve your business workflow. The software is design to alleviate redundant tasks and create sales and manage purchases and accounting needs all on one platform.
  • Ecount offers modules for inventory, production, sales, purchasing, accounting, payroll and groupware team collaborative needs.
  • Implementing Ecount to ones company will allow more transparency and organization any daily operations.
    • What kind of features does ECOUNT have?
      ECOUNT provides inventory, production, accounting, sales and payroll - all functions necessary for a business to be managed efficiently.
    • Does ECOUNT provide each menu by individual module or platform?
      ECOUNT is not a package program, rather it is an integrated management program that contains all functions in one system.
    • Are inventory and accounting menus linked?
      Inventory data such as sales, purchases can be automatically reflected in accounting side as well. With ECOUNT, connecting dots in bewteen different menus can be an easy job as with minimal voucher entry, it can be shown in multiple menus.
    • When can I start using the program?
      ECOUNT is a web-based system so it does not need to be newly developed or installed. You can use it immediately after subscribing from the web.
    • Can I use ECOUNT outside the office?
      Sure, just as long as you have internet, you can use all functions without any limitations. Everything can be used anytime, anywhere which makes it easier to share work in real time.
    • Our business type is not so common, can we still use ECOUNT?
      ECOUNT already has necessary functions that can be used in all types of industries ranging from manufacturing, distribution, service, non-profit organizations, construction and many more. In addition, you can customize input screens and reports to suit your needs. So, yes, it can be used for all types of industries or business types.
    • Can we use input templates and reports that we are currently using in our company?
      Yes, you can easily change input fields and reports. Even though it will generally follow ECOUNT's template shape, what goes inside can be customized.
    • Can I use a few menus only?
      Of course, you can hide menus that you do not need or will not be using for now and only use those menus that you will need. Later, when you decide to use the hidden menus, you can take them out yourself.
    • Is it possible to share work with our overseas factories?
      You can select language for each ID and since it is web-based you can definitely use it overseas. ECOUNT currently supports English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian and Thai.
    • Does ECOUNT provide features to manage quotations and purchase orders?
      You can manage quotation, sales order, shipment, purchase order and job orders to manage each step before reaching sales, purchases and production.
    • Can I send sales invoice by email in ECOUNT?
      Of course, all types of reports such as sales invoice, p/o can be sent by email immediately.
    • Do you have a balance sheet and an income statement?
      Yes all data in accounting menu are reflected in all accounting reports in real time. ECOUNT provides various financial reports including balance sheet, income statement, fund statement and ledger.
    • What can I do if I find accounting and journalizing difficult since it is my first time with accounting?
      ECOUNT's Easy Entry feature makes it easy to enter accounting vouchers without knowing how to journalize properly. Every accounting data that you input into Easy Entry menus will be automatically journalized and reflected in reports.
    • What features can I use on the mobile app?
      With ECOUNT's free mobile app, you can use all features of ECOUNT just like your PC version.
    • How can I input basic data of our company?
      You can batch upload data with Excel such as customer and item information. Other basic information can be uploaded by batch too.
    • Do you provide data backup function?
      Yes. ECOUNT provides Excel backup function, so you can download all data entered in ECOUNT to Excel and keep it.
    Main Features
    • An all inclusive ERP at a Affordable Price
      • All the functions a company will need, such as inventory, production, sales, purchasing, accounting, payroll, groupware, and webmail and more.
      • Industries such as manufacturing, distribution, service, trade, non-profit, are using Ecount now.
    • Easily Customize and Adapt
      • You can enable and disable modules.
      • Add and edit transactions, input screens and print templates..
      • Generate and search for reports by items, customer/vendor, date. A scalable ERP
    All Features