Data Migration & Batch Uploads
Do you have a batch of data to import? If so, our Ecount Excel Uploader can help migrate data easy and fast.
ECOUNT Excel uploader presents templates under and excel format to organize fata and migrate to oits appropriate menu.
  • If you have existing data in Excel, you can add the Excel uploader add in and migrate data into ECOUNT ERP.
  • All data entered in ECOUNT ERP can be converted to Excel and downloaded.
    • Can I upload basic data such as customers and items to Excel at once?
      Yes. You can easily batch upload the prepared basic data using the ECOUNT Excel Uploader.
    • If we want to keep the data entered in ECOUNT separately, do we need to make a request?
      No. All data entered in ECOUNT can be downloaded in Excel form at any time.
    • Can I back up my ERP data?
      Data entered in ERP can be backed up in Excel format.
    • Does the Excel data uploading program have limited number of downloads?
      You can install it on any PC without any limitation.
    • Does it matter if the Excel version is genuine or not?
      If you are using Excel that is above the 2007 version, you can install it. It does not have to be genuine.
    • Can I upload data from other ERP companies to ECOUNT?
      You cannot link third ERP companies data directly. However, you can easily batch register other program materials by using the ECOUNT Excel Uploader.
    • How many uploads can I do at once?
      You can upload up to 300 by using the Web Uploader and 3,000 via Ecount Excel Uploader at a time.
    • Can I edit uploaded customers and item data at once?
      By using ECOUNT Excel Uploader, you can collectively modify the existing registered customer/product information.
    • Can I upload my past documents to ECOUNT at once?
      You can easily bulk upload historical vouchers by Excel.
    • Can all ERP users upload data from Excel?
      Yes. All users can use Excel Uploader. If necessary, you can set permission to restrict specific users from uploading data.
    • Can I upload material from my shopping mall to ECOUNT?
      Basically, you can use the shopping mall management function to automatically retrieve your shopping mall's order history. If you have not yet connected to a shopping mall, you can download the data in Excel form and batch upload it to ECOUNT.
    Main Features
    • Ecount Excel Uploader
      • Use specified templates to upload batched data. You can upload all inventory items, inventory quantity, accounting , sales and purchases data in batch format. If an error occurs during the upload process one will receive where the error is coming to make adjustments. Export Data via Excel
    Data Migration & Batch Uploads