Mobile App

You can pretty much do anything on a cellphone these days.
With our free mobile app, you can manage your business wherever you go.


Fully access Ecount ERP on your mobile device.
  • Ecount ERP is 100% web-based which allows you to use the same features on the mobile app.
  • Ecount ERP is easy to use with mobile optimized screens.
  • Input or manage data and work anywhere even when traveling overseas.
Scan barcodes with your smartphone.
  • Scan barcode labels of your items using the camera on your smartphone.
  • Send sales confirmations created on the mobile app directly to your customer via email.
  • Easily carry out a sale and manage the warehouse in remote locations.
Push notifications let you see your business progress in real-time.
  • If you use the mobile app, data creation can be known via push notifications from the ERP.
  • Along with the mobile app, you can receive notifications on your PC in real-time to track documents or transactions.
  • Set push notification times to control late-night or time zone limitations.