Mobile App
Do you travel often if so don't worry Ecount is here to help you control your daily operations from miles away!.
ECOUNT ERP is a web-based program optimized to make business tasks more transparent and accessible from a mobile app.
  • Access Ecount from your mobile app as you would from the desktop version
  • The mobile app allows one to scan barcodes of items, check on sales, purchases, inventory quantity and more
  • Push notifications allows for one to be notified of any business updates.
    • Is it possible to use ECOUNT on mobile too?
      Yes. You can use all features of ECOUNT on your mobile phone just like your PC, and we offer ECOUNT app for free.
    • Is it possible to scan barcodes with a mobile phone?
      Yes, with ECOUNT App, you can scan barcodes with your mobile phone camera.
    • Can I receive real-time notifications from ECOUNT?
      Once you've installed the mobile app, you can receive push notifications on your phone, so you can see notifications in real time.
    • Is there a difference in functionality between the PC version and the mobile app?
      No, there is no difference in function. You can use all functions of ECOUNT with the input screen optimized for the mobile screen.
    • Can I use it regardless of mobile device type?
      You can use ECOUNT app on any device with an Android or IOS operating system.
    • Is it possible to use ECOUNT on mobile overseas?
      If you are in an area where internet is available, you can use it anywhere in the world.
    • Can I disable the use of the mobile app by user ID?
      You can enable or disable the mobile app settings by user.
    • Can I opt out of mobile notifications at certain times?
      You can set an non-disturbance time so that notifications do not come in at that time.
    • I want to use the app to let the store staff put their orders.
      With ECOUNT App, you can enter orders anytime, anywhere
    Main Features
    • ECOUNT Mobile App
      • ECOUNT offer a free mobile app design to be used as the desktop version. Manage your business at the palm of your hand. Scan barcodes, create sales, purchases, manage e-approvals from share files, instantly chat with employees and more.
      • mobile App Notifications
    Mobile App