Server Security
ECOUNT ERP, will protect your company's business data without spending a lot of time and money on server management and data security.
  • Ecount has acquired and maintained ISO27001 certification that mandates we follow strong information security on a international level.
  • Entered data by users is securely distributed across multiple servers in our Headquarter office
  • To protect further our clients ERP data, we use Amazon Web Services(AWS). Furthermore, users can set their own level of account security.
    Main Features
    • ISO27001 international certification
      • ISO 27001 Certification is the internationally recognized certification system that mandates security standards by an international board of members in the field of information security. We manage data through a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS), in accordance with ISO 27001 Certification requirements. Data Security/ Management
    • Account Security Level
      • Specify times you wish to allow users to access the account Block unrecognized IPs and review a history of all login entry points. Set a password change cycle to keep account security in tact.
      • Administrators can check logins per user and control logins from unauthorized places(force logout, etc.).
    Server Security