Free Upgrades

As technology changes, you'll need a tool that can evolve with you.
We launch weekly upgrades to keep you updated and running with the most
advanced tools.


Immediate response to technological advances and changes in work environments.
  • Ecount ERP is upgraded regularly every week.
  • By updating our software, all users can enjoy new features at no cost.
  • We strive to build an optimal solution that responds appropriately to changes in management environments.
You can optimize the ERP functions according to your work flow.
  • Ecount ERP already offers many of the tools you need for your business.
  • Since new features are offered at no extra cost, you'll have less of an administrative burden.
  • Choose to activate or deactivate features at any time.
We make every effort to incorporate your suggestions into the software.
  • If your desired feature is currently not available, we'll present it during our weekly development team meetings.
  • After the meeting, we'll send feedback on whether or not the feature will be developed.
  • Feature developments are decided based on high demand by our current and prospective users.