Unlimited User IDs

Why get stuck paying for user IDs when you can have an all-inclusive solution?
You can activate and deactivate users as needed at no additional cost.


Your whole team can be using one single ERP software to share work.
  • Add users at no additional cost.
  • Once you setup a user ID, they can access the software instantly. The company's Master ID can quickly add or remove users at any time. Use Ecount ERP as soon as you receive a user ID and password.
You can set the connection options for user authentication.
  • Your company's Master ID can determine user authorization and access points using time restrictions and IP addresses.
  • Set accessible IP addresses per user so you verify that only authorized sites can use the ERP.
  • Control company-wide usage time or per user ID with timeout settings.
Specify usage range per user.
  • You can authorize departments, warehouses, items, and accounts per user ID.
  • It's easy to limit exposure and access by store or salesperson.
From a manager's point of view, it'll be easy to understand the company's business standing and status.
  • Grant access to view, enter, modify and/or delete data by user ID.
  • You can also assign privileges to user groups by job type, category, or department.