Timely decision-making is absolutely necessary for a successful enterprise.
Access to real-time data and reporting.


Quick Adoption and Real-Time Use
  • With Ecount ERP, users can apply and optimize features that are already available.
  • Since most of the features that small and midsized businesses need are already available, you can start using the software right away.
Manage and integrate your workflow via Internet.
  • Use the software anytime, anywhere via Internet without needing to install anything on-site.
  • You can share work in real-time regardless of your location. Be in the office or work remotely while managing sales in your store or branches.
  • Easily access your Ecount ERP software on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.
No more worrying about generating backups or security.
  • All data entered is stored securely in the Ecount servers, not on your personal computers.
  • Data will not be lost or stolen from your computer or affected by viruses.
  • By accessing the software via Internet, you can use Ecount ERP anytime, anywhere.