Customers are assets and with ECOUNT ERP,
you can keep record of any activities revolved around your customer.
Quickly input their information and make notes for follow-ups.


You will be empowered to provide consistent response and management for your customers.
  • Record information about prospects and existing customers. Specify whether or not to share information with all employees.
  • Upload contact information to create your own contact list.
  • In addition to the default menu fields, you can create custom fields.
  • You can mass upload large amounts of customer information using our Excel Uploader options.
It's easy to manage the history of prospects and existing clients.
  • You can create a customer management bulletin board that allows you to freely input consultation notes and status updates.
  • You can set the input fields of the bulletin boards according to your company requirements so that the data is easy to analyze.
  • Effectively manage sales activities and contract progress status from initial contact to orders and invoices.
  • When saving notes, you can attach an accounting or inventory transaction onto a new post or reply.
You can easily distinguish between a potential customer and a customer who has an actual transaction.
  • You can easily convert leads into actual customers.
  • Accounts converted to clients can be managed in the accounting and inventory modules.