Custom Boards
Leave using old methods with Excel files and have more control by designing your own data cells templates.
Ecount's DIY [Do It Yourself] Board will allow for data to be generated, tracked and managed instantly .
  • DIY Board allows one to select custom fields including numeric, text, date, employee, customer, vendor, project and more. The DIY boards can be linked to the ERP modules, such as the Sales menu.
    Main Features
    • Organize and Create Data Board as You Wish
      • Title a board and set the board display and order.
      • Pull data from the inventory and accounting menus such as customer, product, project, department, employee name.
      • Customize and configure board settings such as location, size, and initial default display.
    • Data Check
      • Find information faster by using quick search conditions and convert the data presented into Excel , or print out directly.
    Custom Boards