Decision-makers need to be able to approve things on-the-go.
Have employees submit online approvals and track the approval process.


e-Approval linked with ERP features
  • You can generate drafts for expense reports, quotes, orders, and more that will apply to the ERP once approved.
  • In the ERP, you can call up the accounting and inventory documents that were first created, prepare the draft, and process it after approval.
  • By attaching and linking ERP transactions, you can increase convenience and efficiency.
You can design your own draft template according to your current workflow.
  • You can set the default draft templates for your team and store them in the shared menus.
  • Draft types can be generated and used to submit approvals.
  • You can increase efficiency of your decision-making process by assigning specific approval lines per approval request.
  • You can import your company logo and personal signature images onto the approval line.
You can implement the same business process flow as your current workflow.
  • While creating the draft, you can check the progress status of other drafts in real-time.
  • It's easy to communicate between approver and team member.
  • Our mobile app offers a variety of notifications options for receiving approval requests via mobile device.