Office Equipment

Company assets must be managed carefully.
Details such as usage type, usage site, usage time, and return should be clearly recorded.


You can record and manage the usage, purpose, and usage time of common items used by the company.
  • You can create a list of commonly used items such as office equipment, meeting rooms, vehicles, devices, and more.
  • Once an item is checked out or assigned, it'll appear in the history and can be set to be locked in.
  • Usage history of the item will be linked with the pertinent user so you can view its history.
You can minimize the loss and mismanagement of utilities.
  • Easily discover if items have been returned and the availability of each item.
  • Check which user recorded usage and if any information was recorded regarding the use of the item.
  • You can verify the usage status of items at a glance by date and usage time.