Office Equipment

Keep track of office equipment instantly!
With ECOUNT ERP, you can assign and track internal office equipment being used by company employees in real-time.
  • You can register office equipment and record the use by user, date/time, and return status.
  • Keeping track of all internal office equipment will help minimize cost and prevent equipment from being lost.
    Main Features
    • Listing Office Equipment and Use
      • Register your company's shared equipment such as conference rooms, vehicles, and office supplies.
      • Set a password when registering an office equipment use so that other users cannot modify at random the registered use schedules.
      • Share the office equipment use history between the users and manage efficiently the schedule.
    • Office Equipment History Management
      • Check the status of available office equipment by viewing return status.
      • In case of equipment loss, easily verify the last user by viewing the use history by user and by each equipment.
      • View the entire office equipment use status in a single screen, by viewing the use logs by date/equipment.
    Office Equipment
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