Community Boards

Keep everyone up-to-date on any company news, events, and important messages.
Share information with everyone or a selected group of people.


Provide instructions to your team members and track their progress via status update options.
  • By being able to create up to 50 unique bulletin boards, you can segment and share work between teams.
  • Regardless of the bulletin board, you can still manage your individual documents and transactions.
  • You can share related documents such as files or images.
  • When writing or replying to a post, you can send a notification or email notice to the relevant person or team.
You can build a collaborative framework to share your work progress and outcomes.
  • You can write a post to a person or group of people and Cc any one that should be informed of the post.
  • You can create a list of progress status types and view the status of each post from the list.
  • Manage all of the work-related data in one place and share work with other people. You can also download and store data if desired.
  • Regardless of where you are, you can view data in real-time without the risk of losing data over time since it saves in the ERP.