Survey Management

Company feedback from employees is essential to the company growth.
ECOUNT allows you to create internal surveys, and cast votes of important company decisions and create a collaborative environment.
  • Internal company decision-making can be registered by voting, and each employee's opinions can be rationally converged.
  • Checking the vote status, you can engage participation for decision-making on important issues, so that the results enables fair management.
    Main Features
    • Survey and Vote
      • Create surveys and votes in various formats, and register up to 20 response options.
      • When registering a survey, easily communicate your detailed survey description by attaching reference files or posts.
    • Check Survey Status & Results
      • The registered surveys and votes are displayed in the initial screen displayed upon logging in ERP and immediately shared among employees.
      • View the survey response status by individual.
      • User can write their own opinions and share them in addition to the registered response options, facilitating internal communication.
    Survey Management
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