Timesheet Management
SECOM, KT Telecop, Caps can be integrated to Ecount in order to prompt a better systematically manage commute.
Records from approved integrated systems can be retrieved instantly from Ecount.
  • Manage employee attendance and clock in/out time.
  • Print various types of reports related to employee time management.
    Main Features
    • Commute Management
      • When you log in/out of ECOUNT ERP, you can check your commute to better manage employee company attendance in and outside the office.
      • Check the commute time automatically in conjunction with programs such as SECOM, KT Telecop, and Caps.
      • Hours in the Field function allows you to manage your outside workers time
    • Commute Report
      • Attendance records can be managed according to the standard time set for ERP.
      • Search the daily commute by department/employee, daily time sheet, etc.
      • View reports related to attendance such as Clock In/Out Status, Tardiness, and Daily Time Sheet.
      • Check your clock in/out and attendance, such as vacation, and your commute in one report.
    Timesheet Management