Vehicle Logs

It is necessary to be able to efficiently manage fuel expenses,
maintenance costs, and operating schedules by verifying that corporate vehicles are being used for their intended purposes.


You can record key points such as the driver, destination, mileage and destination of the vehicle usage.
  • You can register vehicles and record logs individually.
  • If you enter the difference between the starting mileage and ending mileage, the travel distance is automatically calculated.
  • You can set the purpose of driving the vehicle to suit the management purpose of your company.
  • You can attach pictures of the instrument panel before and after driving.
It is easy to check the appropriateness of the purpose of the vehicle use and whether the maintenance due date for each vehicle has arrived.
  • It is possible to inquire records by contact person at a glance through the vehicle operation log.
  • You can check whether the vehicle has been operated according to the usage purpose set by the company.
  • You can check the maintenance cycle by vehicle.