Barcode Software

Avoid inconsistent stock levels by using advanced inventory options.
With our barcode creator, you can now scan your products with ease.


You can assign and generate a barcode for your items.
  • When assigning the barcode to an item, you can scan the barcode to process a sale, purchase, production, or more via barcode scan.
  • You can create a barcode from any of your existing codes or an assigned code from the system.
You can print barcode labels to attach to your items.
  • Six types of barcode types are provided: Code39, Code128, EAN13, ISBN, QR, and Data Matrix.
  • In addition to the barcode label, you can also set what information will appear on the print-out.
Barcodes can be used to accurately count inventory.
  • You can easily and precisely input data using a barcode scanner when recording transactions such as inventory movement, sales, or purchasing.
  • You can quickly process sales by using the barcode option when managing customers.
You can also scan barcodes using your mobile phone's camera.
  • If you install the Ecount ERP App, you can scan the barcode using your mobile phone's camera.
  • Inventory transactions registered in the App will apply automatically to the ERP.