Customer Portal

When customers place orders by phone, email, or fax, data can be lost or duplicated.
Avoid these issues by using our free online customer ordering portal.


Ordering Site for Customers
  • You can receive and process orders as well as manage outsourced production with third parties via Web.
  • Easily exchange information with your customers in real-time.
  • Provided free of charge to all Ecount ERP subscribers for unlimited users.
Customize the ordering portal for your company.
  • You can customize the menus to be displayed and used in your business to suit your workflow.
  • Permission can be granted to each customer that uses the system (Ex: Warehouse/branch designation, connection time limit, etc.).
Now your customers can order online.
  • Your customers can place an order directly online instead of via telephone, fax, or email.
  • When the order is submitted, a message or notification can be sent to the person in charge or designated salesperson in order to check the order information and proceed with fulfillment.
  • Customers can check their order status online as well as view/print statements, invoices, confirmations, and more.
Conveniently linked with your order list.
  • If you enter an order in the ERP, the order will also be available on the online ordering portal.
  • Customers with access to the portal can log in and see their order in real-time.
You can solve the problem of inventory inconsistencies with your subcontractor.
  • Work orders issued via ERP can be checked by the subcontracting factory in real-time through the online ordering system.
  • When you send materials to the subcontrator or when the finished product is delivered to your warehouse, you can enter the information in the ERP and have the subcontrator check your order history.
You can communicate smoothly with your customers.
  • You can consult records such as past transaction history, accounting ledgers, and more regarding your customer.
  • You can create shared bulletin boards to facilitate communication within your team regarding announcements.