Inventory Reporting

To make accurate decisions, you need access to real-time data.
Quickly check inventory and track incoming or outgoing items based on orders.


We provide a variety of reports to help you make decisions.
  • Management Reports: Inventory Balance / Inventory Receipts / Inventory Reports / Etc.
  • Sales Related: Sales Status / Unsold Status / Profit Status / Quotation Status
  • Purchase Related: Purchase Status / Order Status / Unreceived Orders
  • Production Related: Work Order Status / Production Status / Goods Issued / Goods Manufactured
  • Others: Warehouse Transfer Status / Defect Rate Status / Inventory Adjustment Status
The data you entered will be automatically reflected in the inventory.
  • Data entered by each person in charge of sales, purchasing, and production are automatically reflected in the inventory.
  • Hyperlinks allow you to trace from within the book the origin of the data.
You can optimize your reports to suit the needs of your company.
  • You can create up to 50 unique templates for each print-out and each user can have access to a preset list of templates.
  • You can avoid using Excel to produce the desired data set.