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Frustrated with using multiple software to figure out how your sales are this month?
Access all your data in one place.


A variety of information can be registered and managed per item.
  • You can save a variety of information such as quantity, unit price, cost and other relevant information.
  • You can add up to 9 custom fields for greater detail.
  • Item list settings allow you to check on the desired item information at a glance.
Easily input large quantities of information per item at once.
  • Using our Excel Uploader, you can quickly upload mass amounts of data such as your entire item list.
  • You can transfer data collectively without having to register items individually.
Items can be grouped and managed by category.
  • You can manage items by groups and create up to 10 sub-levels of groups to categorize things such as manufacturer, model, color, and more.
  • You can search easily by using the item groups you specified when entering the item data.
You can see item information at a glance such as sales, purchasing, and production.
  • Add data or run queries of the inventory status, history, sales, and purchases per item in one screen without leaving the page.
  • You can set frequently used input screens and search menus to increase work convenience.