Inventory Control Software

Many companies struggle to maintain control of their inventory levels.
With ECOUNT ERP, you can access real-time inventory reports in seconds.


Are you still managing inventory books separately?
  • Once you log in a business transaction such as a sale, purchase, production, or others, the inventory is automatically updated.
  • You do not have to input the same data in multiple systems so you'll improve your business efficiency.
  • The program calculates and reflects the increase/decrease of inventory precisely so accurate inventory management is possible.
Real-time inventory management via Ecount and accessible anywhere.
  • Ecount's 100% Web-based solution offers you the ability to manage your inventory from any place via Internet.
  • If you need to check stock when working off-site, you can quickly access real-time data.
  • Also available on our mobile app.
Unlimited warehouses! Manage multiple warehouse with ease.
  • Manage inventory for a single warehouse or multiple warehouse locations all at once.
  • Easily manage incoming inventory and item history so you can record and reflect stock changes between warehouses.
Grant access to warehouse by contact person or customer.
  • Ecount allows you to restrict access to warehouses per user via authorization settings, making it easy to control and prevent unauthorized access.
  • You can also give trade partners access to specific warehouses and inventory so you can use Ecount to manage their transactions.