Order Management
By using the order management function of ECOUNT, you can see at a glance the work done by various employees in a schematic view. From order to purchase, production, and shipment.
  • From order to shipment, we can apply your company's business process to the system.
  • Once step-by-step processing is complete, notifications are immediately available to the employee
  • At a glance, you can see the progress of each step.
    Main Features
    • Business Process Management
      • Up to 10 business process procedures can be registered centering on your purchase orders.
      • You can speed up your workflow by specifying the interlocked menu for each processing step.
        (Eg: 1st step/Order - 2nd step/Purchase order - 3rd step/Purchase - 4th step/Sales - 5th step/Receipt)
    • Processing notification
      • You can specify the employee for each processing step.
      • You can proceed to the next step without delay by notifying others when the previous step is completed
    • Check progress
      • You can check the status and details of the order progress at a glance in the Order Mgmt. Status.
      • You can proceed the work directly from the inquiry screen without moving the menu.
    Order Management