Safety Stock

Waste less time apologizing to your client for missed due dates.
Set reorder points and receive on-screen pop-ups when items run short.


You can easily discover which items are out of stock.
  • You can set and manage safety stock levels per item.
  • Safety stock quantities can be set for each warehouse or store.
  • You can choose to apply safety stock restrictions to certain menus that affect inventory (ex: order, sales, production dispatch, production warehouse, inventory transfers, etc.).
You can choose to see a warning if your inventory is below safety stock.
  • Inventory falling below minimum or safety stock levels will appear in red.
  • You can set up to three notification methods: Show warning message, disable saving the transaction, or disable stock checks.
  • When viewing a warning message, you can check the safety stock quantities and causes in the message.
You can plan your order considering safety stock.
  • The planned quantity of the order can be calculated based on the status of your safety stock levels.
  • After planning your order, you can make a purchase order selecting only the items below safety stock.