Serial Number Tracking

Ensure accurate tracking of serialized products.
Trace its origin and when it leaves your warehouse.


It is easy to manage and track the item's history.
  • Unique serial/lot numbers can be assigned to a single item code for inventory tracking.
  • You can easily and conveniently create a large number of serial/lot numbers using an automated generator or uploading via Excel Uploader.
You can enter and inquire about inventory based on serial/lot number.
  • You can manage serial/lot numbers in a variety of input screens such as sales, purchasing, production, repairs, defect processing, returns, and more.
  • Management settings can be used for warehouse and production consumption based on the individual serial/lot number of each warehouse or store.
Receiving of serial/lot numbers is managed easily.
  • Serial/Lot No. status reports help you manage detailed logs of the entry and exit of each serial/lot number.
  • You can view serial/lot numbers in the general inventory management reports such as the sales and purchasing reports.
Serial/Lot No. barcode management is available.
  • You can manage serial/lot numbers using a barcode scanner even if the number is complex or not already existing in the software via our creation/printing option.
  • In the Ecount ERP App, you can scan the barcode of the serial/lot number to process inventory transactions in real-time and reflect them onto the ERP instantly.