Store Management

Accurate management of inventory status and sales status
by store is very helpful for rational stock management and sales structure analysis.


Check inventory of your stores and branches in real-time.
  • You can see the list of items available in each store, stock quantity, and more in the inventory stock balance by location report.
  • If you enter the increase/decrease details of each store, it will reflect in the inventory status in real-time so you can quickly track available stock from your headquarters.
You can enter and view incoming and outgoing stock per store.
  • Ecount ERP is designed to ask for the relevant warehouse or location in all of the inventory-related menus.
  • Inventory movements are traced between stores so you can prevent missing inventory quantities.
  • You can check and analyze all content related to stock quantities such as sales, purchasing, logistics movements, and more per store.
Convenient to use when inventory fluctuates frequently.
  • Provide your stores with a sales menu that is suitable for managing products that are frequently shipped to customers.
  • The software can recognize item information via barcode scan and offer a tool similar to a POS system for one-time delivery or payment processing.
  • With our API capabilities, you can import or transfer all of your sales data onto the software to easily check stock levels, shipment status, and funds received per store.
You can set persons in charge of each store or site.
  • Easily set up a store so that they can only manage their own data and enhance convenience as well as data security.
  • You can also set groups so that one person can manage multiple stores.