Payroll made
easier through
A system that helps a payroll manager leave early.
All ECOUNT ERP features at only RM200 per month.
A payroll system that helps make managing payroll even easier.
There are lots of payroll programs in the market that can calculate employee payroll
but ECOUNT is the only one that can systemize a company's payroll management.
  • Calculate payroll based on a
    variety of types and periods.
    Full-time, part-time, salaried, hourly,
    or season - all can be calculated.
  • Customize the payroll system to your company's needs.
    You can create and modify earnings and deductions types at anytime to keep your company's payroll structure up-to-date.
  • Various types of payroll reports are provided.
    Generate payroll books and paystubs.
    Modify report templates and PDF options.
Managing attendance is necessary but can be daunting.
Overtime hours, days, and others are crucial information that affects payroll.
ECOUNT's Time Management feature records time and synchronizes with payroll books with ease.
We continue getting better but our price remains the same.
Access to all features for unlimited users. No hidden fees.
ECOUNT has all the features you need for Payroll.
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