Payroll Management

Struggling to calculate payroll for your employees?
Maintain accurate timesheets and calculate payroll in one system.


You can easily set your payroll formulas and methods.
  • You can easily add or modify earnings and deductions types.
  • Set labor types, exemptions, calculation formulas, and more.
  • Choose between salary or variable types per employee.
  • You can separate payroll by department, project, or individual with unique calculations.
Calculate payroll with the click of a button.
  • Benefits and deductions are automatically calculated based on allowances, earnings, and deductions settings.
  • You can calculate the allowance amount by time units (daily or hourly) in batches by linking various time and attendance records.
You can view salary information in various formats.
  • You can view payroll history through a variety of report formats that offer payroll details.
  • Display payroll details on pay stub forms and modify print settings to properly scale to your printer.
Salary calculation is just the beginning.
  • Salary data can easily be applied to your accounting reports.
  • You can quickly download a file of all payroll information to transfer data in or out of the ERP.
  • Access a report that displays all relevant tax withholding data for tax reporting purposes.