Payroll Management
Trouble maintaining new Payroll Regulations?
Our Payroll system can help alleviate the trouble by allowing custom earnings and deduction formulas.
  • You can apply your own payroll calculations by create custom earnings and deductions.
  • Create employee profiles, create earnings and deductions, then initiated a New Payroll button and based on the settings you have entered a total pay will be generated.
  • Conduct various payroll frequencies and reports.
  • Payroll history is also included to make it easier to process proper accounting journalization.
    Main Features
    • Payroll Earnings and Deductions Set up
      • Add or modify earnings and deductions.
      • Set salary, tax exemption, calculation formula, etc. per earning item.
      • For each employee, you can enter whether to apply the salary calculation or individual hourly amount.
      • Separate payrolls by department, project, individual payroll frequency and separate calculation .
    • Automatic Salary Calculation
      • Instantly calculate salary using the employee information you have entered by user profile.
      • The amount of hourly/daily earning can also be calculated collectively in conjunction with the time record.
      • Income tax and insurance deductions are automatically calculated according to the latest tax laws .
    • Payroll Details
      • Check the payroll information through various reports, such as payroll book and payroll statement.
      • You can select the form of payroll statement to display with all details.
      • You can send the payroll stub to employees in bulk via e-mail.
    • Linking Other Functions
      • The calculated payroll detail can be added to a accounting slip.
    Payroll Management