Bill of Materials (BOM)

Using BOMs to predict stock is essential for keeping your warehouse ready.
Estimate requirements and anticipate shortages before they happen.


The bill of materials (BOM) allows you to configure the quantity of raw materials required for production.
  • BOMs are used to produce a finished good that is composed of raw materials and sub-assemblies with processes assigned in order.
  • Production and inventory management is possible even if the quantity of raw materials consumed varies by good.
  • You can configure multiple versions of a BOM for a single product and make changes along the way.
  • Inventory quantities of various raw materials and work-in-process items are automatically managed according to the BOM when producing products.
Calculating item requirements provides useful information for production.
  • You can predict the list of raw materials required to produce a particular product and the quantity of that material.
  • Automatically discover the actual requirements including safety stock quantity, current stock, and more when ordering items, planning production, and more.
You can analyze yield differences that reflect actual production performance per site.
  • Easily apply the amount of raw material actually consumed in the field.
  • See the difference of the raw materials consumed versus the BOM requirements.
The standard BOM is linked with multiple menus and becomes the basis of inventory management.
  • You can automatically calculate the quantity of raw materials required for planning your order for production and discover the production progress of each process throughout the production cycle.
  • If the product is defective, you can reuse the parts by reversing or unassembling the BOM.