BOM(Bill of Matarial)
BOM (Qty. Consumed) management is the basis of production management. It can automatically make the manufacturing of items easier to produce and track what materials are being consumed and assembled.
  • BOM(The bill of materials) allows you to configure the quantity of raw materials required to produce a product.
  • Analyze Yield Variance that reflect actual production field.
  • Registered BOM is linked with other functions and becomes the basis of production and inventory management.
    Main Features
    • How to register BOM
      • A BOM is a list of parts, raw materials, and each required quantity to create a parent item.
      • If there is a lot of data of the BOM to be registered, you can batch register it through the Excel data upload function.
      • Copy the BOM if the BOM of the new item is similar to the previous one.
      • If there are several types of BOM that you need to register for a specific semi-finished goods/finished goods, Manage the BOM version.
    • Qty. Consumed calculation
      • Predict in advance the amount of the raw/sub materials needed to produce the product.
      • Actual requirements in consideration of safety stock, current qty., etc. can be automatically reflected in purchase plan, MRP, etc.
    • Analysis of yield variance based on BOM
      • When inputting production, you can apply the amount of raw material actually consumed in the field to production.
      • If you created the cost based on actual consumption, you can see the yield variance by comparing it with the BOM standard in the actual cost status.
      • View the difference of actual raw materials compared to BOM by reports such as raw material consumption status, Std. vs. Act. Usage Status, etc.
    • Link with other functions
      • When planning an order for production, automatically calculates the quantity of the necessary raw materials based on the BOM.
      • Based on the job order, you can understand the production progress flow by process.
      • If a defective product is produced, You can unbundle the BOM to discard or reuse the parts.
    BOM(Bill of Matarial)