MPS(Master Production Schedule)
Manage the production schedule and the order schedule according to the Master Production Schedule.
  • You can set up a Master Production Schedule based on order history and sales forecast.
  • View at glance the quantity of Master Production Schedule by date.
  • Based on the established production plan, you can decide when and how much material will be procured for production.
    Main Features
    • MPS Criteria
      • When creating a Master Production Schedule(MPS), you can call up the items for MSP from the sales order and sales plan.
      • Decide whether to reflect safety stock in your MPS.
      • Set whether to include holidays in the MPS.
      • Automatically plan production schedules considering safety stocks and holidays.
    • View production schedule by date
      • When you create a MPS, you can automatically check production schedule by date and item.
      • The production quantity by period is calculated based on the procurement period of the item.
      • Based on the planned data, you can also modify the plan yourself
    • Link with Material Requirements Planning(MRP)
      • The production schedule of finished products established by the MPS can be linked
        with the material requirement plan(MRP) to determine the procurement timing and the required quantity.
      • MRP can be used to create optimal ordering plans and work with purchase orders to build a systematic ordering process.
    MPS(Master Production Schedule)