Production Process Management
Take control of your production process by accurately preparing your orders, material and tracking consumption.
  • Production can be managed according to the production progress set by the company.
  • We support various reports related to process management such as Status by Process, actual consumption relative to BOM.
    Main Features
    • Optimize Production Process Management
      • Create an unlimited number of locations, factories, and outsourcing factories.
      • Check the inventory of multiple factories and locations in real time through the report of Inventory Balance by Location.
      • It can be restricted to input/inquire only within the authority given by the person in charge of each factory
    • Improve the work efficiency of the employee
      • During the production process, the inventory is automatically managed for all processes.
      • The amount of raw/sub-material put into production based on the BOM(consumed) decreases, and the product increases.
      • From the location to the factory, from the factory to the next factory, dispensing of materials and semi-finished products is possible.
    • Various Production Reports
      • The production status by process can be easily grasped by comparing the Job Order with actual production results.
      • Based on the BOM, you can compare the expected and actual consumption figures to see the yield variances by process.
      • You can check the payable status and the cost incurred while outsourcing to the factory.
    Production Process Management