Job Order Management
If there are a wide variety of products and processes to produce, systematic instruction and management should be done to avoid missing work.
By using the Job Order in ECOUNT ERP, you can easily understand the production progress by each process.
  • You can manage the entire production process based on the job order.
  • You can easily order the job in conjunction with other tasks, and you can carry out other inventory tasks based on job order.
  • Provides a variety of reports at a glance.
    Main Features
    • Efficient Production Management
      • When you enter the product in the Job Order, the production/consumption quantity will be automatically calculated based on the BOM and will reflect in the production history and inventory.
      • In order to produce some semifinished products, you can enter a specific job order and carry out production.
      • If the code of the material consumed in the same product is partially different, you can select a pre-set version of the BOM and give job orders.
    • Link Other Business
      • You can call the order received from the sales department in the form of Job order, and make a production order.
      • You can create a purchase plan by importing job order so that you can properly order the materials needed for production in the purchasing department.
      • The entered job order can be delivered to related employees using SMS, e-mail, messages, App push, etc.
      • In addition, you can send the job order to the outsourcer of production by e-mail or fax.
    • Reports Related to Job Order
      • You can check production progress status by date, item, and process.
      • You can check the contents of raw/sub materials, semifinished goods, finished goods dispatch and various inventories due to production.
      • Provides a comparison chart of standard raw material usage versus actual usage.
    Job Order Management