Sales bring revenue.
Efficient purchases
create profit.
ECOUNT helps forecast and maximize profit.
All tools and features for only RM200 per month.
Purchase orders made by you just the way you like them.
Managing a purchase order is not only for the purchasing department.
It works like a conveyor belt that connects sales with vendors.
Purchase orders should always play an important role in a company.
  • Connecting work between
    departments and sites
    Sales orders and job orders are typically the starting point for creating a purchase order. Connecting them is a breeze with an integrated work flow.
  • Optimized Purchase Order
    Template Settings
    You can set up and manage a variety of purchase order templates for each of the vendors in accordance with the form requirements per vendor.
  • Purchase Order
    Email Options
    Purchase orders created in ECOUNT can be sent via Email to vendors so you can track when a recipient receives and confirms an order.
ECOUNT is the answer.
Don’t worry about the differences between actual stock and reported stock.
As soon as you save a purchase, inventory will update automatically.
Your work will be more precise than ever with ECOUNT.
Track vendor backorders and pending delivery
Always checking to make sure your order is fulfilled?
ECOUNT's purchasing cycle allows you to track pending quantities.
Once an item is received, you can mark it as fulfilled so you can
quickly compare between ordered and delivered quantity.
  • - Find out how much inventory is pending to arrive.
  • - Once items are received, mark the quantity as fulfilled.
  • - Residual quantities will automatically be calculated..
  • - Managing the progress of an order is easy with status categories.
Optimized purchase data analysis for your business.
One purchase process entails multiple factors to check.
Do you need business reports that everyone, from hands-on workers to CEO, needs?
  • - Generate reports such as purchase histories, inventory fluctuation trends, and item summaries.
  • - You can design different formats for reports to meet your company's needs.
  • - Set user authorizations to minimize discrepancies and profit loss.
We continue getting better but our price remains the same.
Access to all features for unlimited users. No hidden fees.