Purchase Plan

Using the Purchase Order Plan menu, you can calculate the optimal order quantity considering current stocks, stock scheduled to be released or received, etc.
  • Maintain the proper inventory in your locations by calculating the optimal quantity and time of your purchase.
  • You can efficiently manage your purchase orders by linking freely between relevant functions.
    Main Features
    • Auto-calculate and Confirm Your Order Qty.
      • Calculate the purchase order quantity considering stock on hand, safety stocks, minimum purchase unit, outstanding purchase orders and more.
      • Reduce unnecessary orders and prevent discrepancies in inventories.
    • Link with Other Works
      • Automatically build your purchase plan by loading your sales orders, purchase requests and job orders.
      • The optimal purchase order quantity calculated by purchase planning can be linked to the Material Requirement Planning (MRP) to calculate when to place your purchase.
      • After the optimal order quantity has been set, you can automatically generate the purchase order based on the quantity.
    Purchase Plan
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