Quotation Request
The Quotation menu, allows one to calculate the optimal purchase price for an order.
Once approved by the customer it can then be transmitted as an overall sale.
  • Request a specific or multiple suppliers to make a quote for the item purchased to determine the optimal purchase price.
  • Compare the quotes offered by each supplier at a glance.
  • Customers can be selected through comparisons, and the fixed price can be linked to the purchase order and handed over to the customer.
    Main Features
    • Quotation Price Request
      • Create a request for quotation by entering the buyer the item you want to purchase, and the price.
      • Use the E-mail function to send a bulk quote request to the person in charge of each customer.
      • The buyer who received the quotation request, can propose the price directly in the mail in real time.
    • Quote price comparison
      • It is possible to compare the price of each item presented by each customer in detail.
      • Only one of the price offered by the customer can be individually selected and saved.
      • The proposed price list can be used as a basis for selecting a buyer to continue trading
    • Link other business
      • Enter the price request by calling up the contents of the order of the customer and the contents of the material calculated through the Purchase Plan.
      • Apply the purchase order price fixed through the price review, to the purchase order as it is.
    Quotation Request