Purchasing (Goods Receipt)

If the tasks related to procurement are not integrated,
repetitive tasks will occur, which can lead to duplication, omission, and inconsistency of data.


Maximize efficiency using a variety of input methods.
  • Inventory will update itself automatically as soon as you save your purchase data.
  • Easily process receiving of goods by loading your purchase order.
  • Input screen settings allow you to decide on the data your company will enter when saving a purchase.
You can easily check for outstanding order quantities.
  • Check items and quantities that have not been received directly from the order book.
  • With our pending balance option, you can calculate the remaining items that have not been received and confirm their entry.
  • It is easy to grasp the progress of purchases and compare them to your purchase orders.
You can see the purchase data you need right away.
  • You can check and collect various purchasing status updates including performance by purchasing person.
  • Easily create up to 50 unique templates.
  • Grant access to each report per user in order to minimize sharing confidential data such as cost.