From quotation to sales and payments received,
systemic sales management enables companies to generate profits.
Systematization of Sales Management
From quote to shipment, you can manage all steps involved in sales management.
You can keep track of each step in your sales cycle and carry data from one menu to the next.
  • Quotes & Estimates
    Issue the quote
    Save and print or email to customer
    Track and manage the quote
  • Sales Order
    Convert a quote into a sales order
    Syncs with our CS Portal
    Track and manage the sales order
  • Sales
    Convert the order into an actual sale
    Fulfill the sale and release goods
    Print or email the invoice for the customer
  • Shipping
    Convert a sales slip into a shipping order
    Create and issue packing slips
    Send confirmation slips to the customer
Integrates with accounting for instant synchronization of accounts receivable.
Managing accounting when generating sales is crucial, especially regarding billing, taxes, and more.
ECOUNT's accounting tools synchronize so it's a comprehensive solution for business efficiency.
  • Automatic accounting synchronization
    Sales data will be recorded in accounting instantly without any manual work.
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  • Track and manage accounts receivable at-a-glance
    Sort accounts receivable by customer and salesperson.
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  • Manage credit limits and prevent overdue receivables
    Check the customer's credit limit instantly before a sale.
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Still using EXCEL to make print templates?
Editing print templates every time because each customer has different requirements?
With ECOUNT, you can customize templates and manage up to 50 unique designs.
  • Default Sales Invoice Template
  • Display current balance and bank information
  • Default Sales Status Report Template
  • Display product images
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